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                • Massey University教授6月5日學術講座預告

                  2019/06/03 作者: 92次浏覽 分類:講座 我要分享

                  時間:2019年6月5日 下午4:00


                  報告題目Opportunities for Research and Graduate Studies in New Zealand:

                  Trans-disciplinary Science in a Multicultural Society

                  Professor Dianne Brunton

                  head of School of Natural and Computational Sciences

                  Massey University

                  Distinguished ProfessorGaven J. Martin

                  Invited speaker, International Congress of Mathematicians, Hyderabad.

                  Fellow of the American Mathematical Society (inaugural)

                  Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand

                  Foreign Member, Finnish Academy of Science and Letters.

                  Massey University is New Zealand’s’ second largest, and only multi-campus University.  Massey is a world-leader in a range of pure and applied research areas, conducted in partnership with industries and other communities. We will provide an overview of Sciences at Massey, highlighting areas for collaboration and future growth. The School of Natural and Computational Sciences (SNCS) and the New Zealand Institute of Advanced Studies (NZIAS) are both based on the Auckland Campus. These groups contain world-class researchers in all fundamental science disciplines including Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Statistics, Computer Science, Information Technology and Data Science. SNCS and NZIAS emphasize collaborative research with 70+ permanent academic staff and Postdoctoral Fellows, and >150 PhD and Masters research students. We also provide innovative research–led undergraduate and postgraduate teaching programmes. The diverse science disciplines based in the groups provides excellent opportunities for trans-disciplinary research. We will highlight a few recent examples and outline pathways for PhD supervision and research collaborations between Guangxi Normal University and Massey University.

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